Learning to be a Respectful Parent

It took 18 months of parenting before I realised I was on a dangerously downward spiralling path with my children, pushing them further away and slowly undermining their sense of confidence in themselves and trust in me. As I read more and more about the RIE philosophy, I made significant changes to my parenting approach to become a more respectful and reflective parent for my children. The changes subsequently seen in our household were instant and considerable. Suddenly parenting made more sense. I began really communicating with the girls and was able to slow down and enjoy so many more moments with them – yep even the hard ones! You can read more about my introduction to RIE here.

I began this blog just over six months ago with the hopes to inspire even just one person to become a more mindful and respectful parent as they take on one of life’s greatest roles. I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams that my little stories would be so well received and that people from all over the world would read them. I have learned so much about myself and my family along the way and feel blessed to be a part of such a supportive community both on the blog and through my Facebook page (Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids) I still continually find such strength and encouragement in talking to people about their own respectful parenting journey through these mediums.

If you are visiting for the first time, thank you for taking the time to pop by. My name is Kate and I am a mother of two beautiful toddlers 13 months apart in age. These two munchkins feature heavily in my posts as they are my inspiration and my guides as I negotiate the twists and turns of the Lucy and Penny roller coaster.

I have put together some of my favourite posts here if you wanted to read a little more about some of our stories.

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Intense Emotions - Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids

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Confidence and Natural Development

Confidence ~ Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids

Rebuilding a Child’s Confidence

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Allowing Children to Play For Their Age and Stage

The Joy of Natural Development



Changing The Change Table Relationship

How RIE helped Diagnose a Potentially Serious Condition in Our Baby


Play ~ Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids

What’s in a Toy?

Taming the Toys

Our Weekly Play Series (Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, Week 5, Week 6, Week 7)

Increasing Attention Span in Toddlers Through Purposeful Play

Using Provocations to Extend an Interest

About Peaceful Parents, Confident Kids

Hi, my name is Kate. I have been a Physical Education/ Maths teacher for 12 years and am currently taking some time out to be a Mum. I have two beautiful girls aged 2 and 1 (13 month age gap). I have learned that there is so much more to parenting than 'going with your instincts' and treasure all the rewards my children present to me everyday. I have a passion for sports and have recently discovered an addiction to sewing. Thank you for taking some time out to read my ramblings :)
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6 Responses to Learning to be a Respectful Parent

  1. It’s all in the name….peaceful. Kids definitely take their cues from the adults around them. As your children age, you may also find http://www.loveandlogic.com along the same lines.


  2. Emma says:



  3. Julie says:

    Found one of your blog entries on having a child with intense emotions. Oh I wish I was able to read some of your words when my daughter was a toddler. She is 8 now & I feel like your writing about her. Her little brother is 13 months younger. 2 kids 13 months apart-our common thread. I will read on & am grateful for the wisdom you are sharing. ~A mom who understands


    • So nice to hear from you, Julie!! I know few people with such a close age gap between their children so it is wonderful to learn that there are others out there with similar issues to mine!
      How are your children now? Do they get on well or do they still have similar struggles?
      Kate xx


      • Julie says:

        Thanks so much for your response! Been tough from day one with 2 babies but they both are the best thing to ever happen to me & fill my heart with love! My daughter Mary, who is ‘intense’ is 8 1/2 and my son, John is 7 1/2. They do get along very well 80% of the time and are great playmates for each other-same friends, like same toys, love to do crafts etc. Then 20% of the time they are bickering-honestly she usually starts it. Mary will hit him & deny it, knock over his stuff, push him etc. John is easy going, sweet, just about always listens and is helpful & kind. Mary is intense, emotional, difficult, distracted but also sweet, huge heart, and loving at times. 2 VERY different kids!


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