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Sibling Rivalry: When Losing is Not an Option

Sibling Rivalry has taken on a new meaning in our household over the past couple of months. Our children have both nominated themselves to compete in the Russell Household Olympics, competing in events such as Who is the fastest Dresser, … Continue reading

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7 Things I Should Know About Helping my Children to Share (From my Toddler Coach)

My youngest daughter, Penny, who is two months shy of turning two, has just begun to show a little possessive streak coupled with some testing behaviour. Just when I was thinking we were getting out of this stage as my eldest … Continue reading

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Separating Our Children is Bringing Them Closer

I recently posted about the troubles we have been having with the rivalry between our children. This has been a long-winded, drawn out affair between my two girls aged nearly three and nearly two. Much of the animosity in their relationship has … Continue reading

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Could NOT Forcing a Toddler to Share Help With Sharing Conflicts? – Part Two

A while back I posted an article about the sharing issues between my two young toddlers (then 24 months and 11 months). I explained how my eldest daughter, Lucy, was struggling with allowing her younger sister, Penny, to have, well, pretty much anything. … Continue reading

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