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Articles looking at the importance of play for infants and toddlers including ideas for toys and age appropriate activities with the view to allowing toddlers to play independently.

Why I Let my Children Take Risks

Risk taking is a natural part of our everyday lives. Many risks we probably don’t even think of as risky: pouring our tea, driving our car, crossing the road etc. We are so used to these things going right that we no … Continue reading

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I can’t Always Protect my Children From Hurt and Why I Don’t Always Want to

I think it is a natural instinct for parents to want to protect their children from pain. Not just physical pain, but emotional pain. For me, I find my Mama Bear instinct particularly strong when I see my child being … Continue reading

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Slowing Down Care Giving Moments to Encourage Independence in Toddlers

Days with my children are so hectic, so full on. Life with a three year old and a two year old can seem chaotic from the moment the first sounds of little pitter pattering feet make their way to our bedroom door in the morning, … Continue reading

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A Beginner’s Guide to RIE Parenting

I have been learning about and implementing RIE (pronounced Rye and short for Resources for Infant Educarers) parenting for about 16 months now. Over that time, I have experimented with different parenting techniques, including some that have not been so respectful, but … Continue reading

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